Sri Narayana Engineering Industries (P) Ltd.

Agriculture Tools

Agriculture Tools Farmers and field workers of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been relying on SNEI for close to seventy years. Over the years, we have established a niche, providing customized and regional variations of agricultural tools based on different soil type needs. We manufacture different types of Spades, Axes, Crowbars, Digging forks, Quintanies, Shovels, Muttocks and more.


Gardening tools should be lightweight and easy to handle and use. SNEI provides customized tool designs for a variety of gardening purposes including, shearing, mowing, lopping, soil loosening and moving. The common tools include Hoes, Garden Forks, Spades and Grass Cutters.

Commercial Kitchens

SNEI provide bulk orders for commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants and resorts. Traditional Indian style utensils are made using cooking grade Cast Iron to provide heat efficiency. Products include various types of Frying pans, Dosai plates, appam pans, Karols and Cast Iron stoves.


SNEI has been synonymous with the Construction industry of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka since 1958. We manufacture a wide variety of masonry and construction products for the industry including Mason Trowels and Cementing Knives

Home use

Home use products can broadly be classified into domestic carpentry tools, which include home maintenance products like Claw hammers, hammer heads, sledge hammers and tools which are commonly used for carpentry. SNEI also manufactures a wide variety cutting and chopping tools including knives, Felling knives, Sickles, Bill hooks etc.

Road Maintenance

Miles upon miles of roads in Southern India have been made using SNEI equipment. Road Maintenance requires specialized tools like heavy duty road rammers as well as versatile, multipurpose tool designs including Shovels and spades. The products designed by SNEI are made of specialized alloyed steel or high grade Cast Iron.

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