Sri Narayana Engineering Industries (P) Ltd.


The Stag Brand is one of the most iconic symbols among South India farmers and working class since 1958. The trademark of Sree Narayana Engineering Industries (SNEI),Stag Brand Agricultural implements and Cast Iron products have been a part of the fabric of farm life in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for over seven decades.

One of India oldest and most trusted companies, SNEI is the leading manufacturer of all kinds of Agro, Construction, Gardening, Home, Maintenance and Kitchen tools.

  • Agricultural Tools: Includes various types of Spades, Axes, Crowbars, Digging forks, Quintanies, Shovels, Muttocks etc.

  • Garden Tools: Includes various types of Hoes, Garden Forks, Spades and Grass cutters

  • Kitchen Tools and Utensils: Include Frying Pans, Dosai Plates, Cast iron Stoves for domestic and commercial needs.

  • Masonry and Construction tools: Mason Trowels, Cementing Knives

  • Knives and Sickles: Felling Knives, Sickles, Bill Hooks. Customized designs for a variety of needs and regions.

  • Carpentry and Domestic tools: Claw Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Hammer Heads, and Carpentry tools.

  • Miscellaneous and Customized, on demand Products: Include Road Rammers, Cast Iron grills. Products can be customized for various needs.

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