Sri Narayana Engineering Industries (P) Ltd.


SNEI began its operations in the year 1958 at Shoranur, a small town in Palakkad district, Kerala. Over the course of the next seven decades, SNEI has been focused on providing the best quality products for Kerala rapidly growing Agriculture, Construction and Industrial sector. For many during this period, SNEI Stag Branded tools have become a vital component of their day to day lives.

SNEI products have been extensively used for many local, regional, state and national level projects in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. You will find knives, frying pans and dosai plates made by SNEI across many kitchens in South India homes- many of them having lasted for years.

Keeping up with the modern world, SNEI constantly upgrades its manufacturing processes like forging and heat treatment. Because of this, we have managed to almost double our previous manufacturing output in the past years. As we move into the next decade, SNEI hopes while reaching out to a new generation and show them why we are held so dearly in the hearts of many.

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